Merck Research Laboratories, 33 Avenue,
Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA

Date: May 29th, 2024
Time: 8:00am – 6:00pm

“The Spectrum of DMPK”

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the New England Drug Metabolism Discussion Group. Please join us in Boston for an engaging Summer Symposium with presentations from DMPK leaders involved in cutting edge R&D. Topics will highlight learnings from the entire spectrum of DMPK activities across the drug development continuum, including different therapeutic modalities and novel technologies. We will also have research posters, networking with our valued Sponsors, and a special introduction by Charlie Crespi!

Morning Session I: ADME(T) Challenges of Small Molecules/Peptides

Stefanus Steyn, Pfizer“Protac ADME Challenges”
Tjerk Bueters, Merck“Successful Optimization of PK and PD of Oral Cyclic Peptide PCSK9 Inhibitors”
Xiaoliang Zhuo, Bristol Myers Squibb“Mechanistic Investigation of Liver Injury Induced by BMS-932481, an Experimental γ-Secretase Modulator

Morning Session II: Cell Model Systems and Cell Quantitation

Madan Masilamani, Bristol Myers Squibb“Bioanalytical Methods for Characterization of CAR-T Cellular Kinetics: Comparison of PCR Assays and Matrices”
Shiny Priya Rajan, Javelin Bio“Closing the Translational Gap in Drug Development: Human Multi-Tissue Chip for Predictive and Mechanistic Preclinical Studies”
David Stresser, AbbVie“Developing an Adult Stem Cell-Derived Microphysiological Intestinal System for Predicting Oral Drug Prodrug Bioconversion and Permeability in Humans”

Afternoon Session I: AAV Therapeutics

Nancy Chen, Takeda“Peeling the Onion: From AAV Injection to Therapeutic Transgene Protein Production – DMPK and Modeling Perspectives”
Jatin Narula, Pfizer“Case Studies of Mechanistic Translational Modeling of AAV-Based Gene Therapies”
Satya Rao, Novartis“Model-Based Clinical Translation for AAV Gene Therapeutics and Consideration for the Durability of Payload”

Afternoon Session II: Clinical Considerations for Cell and ADC Therapies

Bin Song, Harvard University“From Bench to Bedside: Pioneering Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease”
Xiaoyan Zhang, Macrogenics“The Role of Clinical/Quantitative Pharmacology to Guide Appropriate Dosing to Patients with Obesity: A Few Case Examples”


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