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From the NEDMDG Symposia
The materials on this page are under copyright and should not be used in additional presentations or publications without our express written permission



Fall Dinner Meeting - 13 September, 2017 - flyer

"Recent Advances in Drug Transporter and Enzymology Sciences to Enable Drug Design" (Larry Tremaine) - Larry_Tremaine.pdf (2.8MB)

Summer Joint Symposium (NEDMDG & IQ-DMLG) - 31 May, 2017 - flyer

"Quantifying and communicating Uncertainty in Human PK and Dose Prediction" (Douglas Ferguson) - Ferguson.pdf (635KB)

"Use of Target Tissue Concentrations in PK-PD Modeling of Inhaled Drugs" (Ramon Hendrickx) - Hendrickx.pdf (1.03MB)

"How Systems Biology Can Advance Immune Oncology" (Birgit Schoeberl, Ph.D.) Schoeberl.pdf (1.31MB)

"Why Don't Xenografted Tumourmodels translate to Patients?" (Dr. James Yates) Yates.pdf (1.02MB)

Spring Meeting - 8 March, 2017 - flyer

"Drug Disposition in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Didease: Implications for Therapeutics and Drug Development (Rommel G. Tirona, Ph.D.) - Tirona_NEDMDG030817.pdf (4.3MB)



Summer Symposium - 13 June, 2016 - flyer

"Qualification of New Translational Safety Biomarkers for Drug Development" (Warren Glaab) - NEDMDG_Meeting_Boston_Glaab_Jun16.pdf (625KB)

"Discovery of Endogenous Biomarkers for Organic Anion Transporter-mediated Drug-Drug Interactions" (Sook Wah Yee) - NEDMDG_YeeSW_v2.pdf (8.4MB)

Spring Meeting - 9 March, 2016 - flyer



Winter Meeting - 2 December, 2015 - flyer

"Time Depending Inhibition With Atypical Kinetics, What Is One To DO?" (Ken Korzekwa) - KorzekwaTDI120215.pdf (5.72MB)

Fall Dinner Meeting - 16 September, 2015 - flyer

"Endogenous Probes for Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters: Where are we now?" (A. David Rodrigues, Ph.D.) - RODRIGUES_NEDMDG_0915.PDF (3.9MB)

Summer Symposium - 11 June, 2015 - flyer

“DATA, DATA, DATA: Is There Something Else in In Silico ADME?” (Franco Lombardo, Ph.D.) - NEDMDG_flombardo_06112015.pdf (2.4MB)

“Decision-Making with Predictive ADME Data in Context of Experimental Variability” (Brian Mattioni, Ph.D.) - NEDMDG_Mattioni_CompADME_v1.pdf (1.5MB)

“Emerging In Vitro Culture Technologies to Address Challenges in Hepatic Metabolism and Drug Interactions” (Edward L. LeCluyse, Ph.D.) - LeCluyseNEDMDGseminar.pdf (913KB)

Spring Meeting - 11 March, 2015 - flyer

"The Importance of Concept of Fraction of Drug Transported (ft) in Understanding and Predicting Drug Disposition and DDI" (Jashvant (Jash) D. Unadkat, Ph.D.) - UnadkatNEDMG031015.pdf (3.2MB)



Winter Meeting - 3 December, 2014 - flyer

Fall Meeting - 10 September, 2014 - flyer

"Are We Getting the Best Return on Investment from Drug-Drug Interaction Studies?" (Lawrence J. Lesko,Ph.D.) - Lesko NEDMG presentation Sept2014.pdf (4.1MB)

Summer Meeting - 19 May, 2014 - flyer

Spring Meeting - 12 March, 2014 - flyer



Fall Meeting - 11 September, 2013 - flyer

"Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Molecular Mapping Beyond the Microscope" (Richard M. Caprioli, Ph.D.) - NEDMDG_Caprioli_Presentation_Sept2013.pdf (4.95MB)

Summer Meeting, 4 June, 2013 - flyer

"Plasma Protein Binding: Friend or Foe in Drug Discovery" (Kevin Beaumont, Tristan Maurer) - NEDMDG_PPBpresentation_2.pdf (1MB)

"Do We Need to Optimize Protein Binding in Drug Discovery?" (Xingrong Liu) - ProteinBinding_Liu_6_4_2013.pdf (1.24MB)



Winter Meeting, 6 December, 2012 - flyer

“Cytokine-Dependent Regulation of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes as the Basis of Drug Interactions Between Therapeutic Proteins and small Molecules” - This presentation is availbale upon request from Dr. Morgan
("Morgan, Edward T" <>)

Fall Dinner Meeting, 12 Sep, 2012 - flyer

“PBPK-Based Predictions of Drug-Drug Interactions: Examples and Applications” (Edgar Schuck) - Schuck_PBPK-BasedPredictions.pdf (1.4MB)

Summer Symposium, 13 June 2012 - flyer

"Evolving Trends in Complex Culture Systems and their Utility in Drug Development: Focus on hepatotoxicity" (N. Shangari) - Evolving_Trends_inComplexCultureSystems.pdf (1.6MB)

"Humanized Animal Models for Next Generation Translational Research" (J. Bial) - J.Bial_humanized_animal_models.pdf (1.34MB)

"Evaluation of Chimeric Mice with Humanized Liver to Predict Human Intrinsic Clearance of Drug Molecules at Preclinical Phase" (T. Bohnert) - T.Bohnert_Chimeric_Mice.pdf (602KB)



Winter Meeting, 7 Dec, 2011 - flyer

“Mechanism-based Risk Assessment in Drug Development” - BAST_2011_12_07.pdf (1MB)

Fall Dinner Meeting, 21 Sep, 2011 - flyer

“What’s all the Flux About?: An Industry Perspective on the Drug Transporter Whitepaper and Recent Regulatory Guidances” - Polli_Whats_all_the_Flux_About.pdf (1.2MB)

Summer Symposium, 14 June 2011 - flyer

PBPK Modelling and its Applications to Predict Transporter-Mediated
Drug-Drug Interactions - M_Jamei_PBPK_and_Transporters_DDI.pdf (2.1MB)

The In Silico Child: PK/PD Modeling in Pediatric Drug Development- Meibohm.pdf (1MB)

Integrated Quantitative Modeling Approaches to Facilitate Drug Development Decisions - QS-Handout.pdf (696KB)

Spring Meeting, 2 Mar 2011 - flyer

Mechanisms of Idiosyncratic Drug Reactions and Their Implications for Risk Prediction - NEDMDG_mar2011_uetrecht.pdf (3.4MB)




Winter Meeting, 1 Dec, 2010 - flyer

Fall Dinner Meeting, 22 Sep, 2010 - flyer

Deuteration of Drugs for Pharmacokintic Enhancement: Considerations Essential for Success - NEDMDGSept2010Vaz.pdf (400KB)

Summer Symposium, 9 June, 2010 - flyer

Development of DPP-4 Inhibitors as Antidiabetic Agents - DPP4.pdf (4.8MB)

Improving the Decision-Making Process in the Structural Modification of Drug Candidates (parts 1 & 2) - AK_NEDMDG_2010_Final.pdf (860KB)

Drug-Drug Interactions Between Small Molecules and Bioltherapeutics - NEDMDG_9June2010LKlunk.pdf (4.55MB)

Metabolic Activation and Idiosycratic Drug Toxicity: By Avoiding Structural Alerts, Do We Mitigate Risks? - NEDMDG-2010-Kalgutkar.pdf (4.63MB)

Spring Meeting, 3 Mar 2010 - flyer

Drug Transporters: Report from the International Transporter Consortium; Decisions, Impact and Future Directions - donald-tweedie.pdf (1.5 MB)




Winter Meeting - 2 December, 2009 - flyer

Summer Symposium, 10 Jun 2009 - flyer

Approaches to Mitigating the Bioactivation Potential of Compounds in Lead Optimization - deepak-dalvie.pdf (2.63MB)

Time Dependent CYP Inhibition in Drug Discovery and Development - scott-grimm.pdf (14.76MB)

Prediction of Drug Metabolism: In Silico and Laboratory
Perspectives from Two Different Angles - lombardo-dennehy.pdf (2.2 MB)

Influence of therapy duration on suppression of emergence of resistance and influences of granulocytes on cell kill - george-drusano.pdf (1.69MB)

Winter Meeting, March 11, 2009 - flyer




Fall Dinner Meeting, 10 Sep 2008
Metabolites and Safety: Diligence on Safety - Expedience for Patients - scott-obach.pdf (124KB)

Summer Symposium, 4 Jun 2008
Biomarkers and Translational Medicine - donna-mendrick.pdf (3.86 MB)

Novel Translational Biomarkers - peter-obrien.pdf (2.53MB)

Regulatory Application of Quantitative Analysis: Impact of Biomarker Data - yaning-wang.pdf (9MB)

Application of PK/PD Modeling for Developing and Evaluating Rational Strategies for Optimizing Therapy with Mabs - joseph-balthasar.pdf (0.60MB)

Using Biomarkers for Early Phase Dose Selection with Protein Antagonist Drugs - ivan-nestorov.pdf (1.12MB)

Spring Meeting, 12 Mar 2008
The Economics of New Drug Development:
Costs, Risks and Returns -
joseph-dimasi-spring-2008.pdf (1.3MB)


Download all presentations (10.60 MB, .zip)

Dinner Meeting, 5 Dec 2007
In Vitro to In Vivo Predictions of Drug Interactions:
Going Beyond the I/Ki Ratio -
jash-unadkat.pdf (1.2MB)

Gerald Miwa Retirement Symposium, 9 Apr 2007
DMPK in drug industry: The challenges of dealing with promiscuous drug-metabolizing enzymes, receptors and transporters - anthony-lu.pdf (2.1MB)

SUSTIVA: Uncovering the mechanism for the metabolism-dependent, species-selective nephrotoxicity - david-christ.pdf (0.5MB)

DM/PK-guided lead optimization: A historical perspective of a paradigm shift - dhiren-thakker.pdf (0.6MB)

P450 reactions: The basic, the exotic and the important
fred-guengerich.pdf (3MB)

Memories from a career - gerald-miwa.pdf (3.6MB)

Heme: the catalytic center and a target in hemoproteins
- paul-ortiz.pdf (1.16MB)

Predicting DMPK of NMEs: What Do We Need in Terms of Science and Tools? - leslie-benet.pdf (0.6MB )

Human Metabolism of a Novel Chemotherapeutic: Illuminating the Mechanisms of P450-Catalyzed Deboronation - scott-daniels.pdf (0.6MB)

Principles of Drug Metabolism - A short course in Fall '06 - flyer

Fall dinner meeting

Current perspectives on Rapid INDs - mitch-cayen.pdf (174KB)

Download all presentations (.zip)

Spring Dinner Meeting , March 2006 - flyer

PK/PD Modeling and Simulation for Compound Progression of Antiretroviral Agents - jeffrey-barrett.pdf (1.4MB)

Statistical spectroscopy and global systems biology approaches in disease modeling - jeremy-nicholson.pdf (3.72MB)

Small Molecule Analysis Using Diverse Separation Techniques Coupled to MicroelectrosprayMass Spectrometry - paul-vouros.pdf (1.37MB)

Ionization Methods in MS - graham-cooks.pdf


Download all presentations (.zip)

Winter Meeting , December 2005 flyer
* Now you can register online for the event!

Targeted Bioavailability - Mechanisms of Drug Tissue Distribution - elmquist.pdf (9.8MB)

Hepatic Drug Transport - hoffmaster.pdf (2MB)

PGx of Drug-Transporter Interactions - sadee.pdf (1.6MB)

HT Approaches to AMS - skipper.pdf